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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nando2323, Dec 24, 2009.

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    I posted this before in the Mac OS forum and mistakenly in this forum on another post, and also on the Apple Forums but got no bites so I'll try here.

    I am having an issue with my 2 ATV's disconnecting from iTunes that only happens when I reboot my iMac into Bootcamp. I have both my ATV's connected to my iTunes library on a Mac Mini and whenever I reboot my iMac into Windows both of the ATV's disconnect from the iTunes on the Mini. This is weird and I have no idea where to even look for a solution. The only one thing that I did was rename the windows drivers for HFS so that windows does not see the HFS partitions, this did nothing.
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    My first guess would be that Windows is taking the IP address used by the AppleTV.

    Try configuring the AppleTV with a static IP address.

    A quick and dirty way to do this is to just increase the last number of the IP address it is getting automatically. I.E. if the AppleTV is getting via DHCP, set it manually to: (the number needs to be from 1 to 255).

    Alternatively, you can just configure Windows with a static IP address.
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    You know as you were prob writting that, I remote in to my home computer and thought about that... I actually went on to my dchp logs on my router to check what leases were handing out, and what is happening is that windows is getting the same IP address as the Mini and that is why everything is disconnecting. When I get home I'm going to give Windows a static IP and see if things get better. Only question i have now do I have to do something special on an Airport Extreme Base Station to give out a static address like is there a pool of static addresses I have to set?

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