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  1. lukin macrumors regular

    Jul 24, 2008
    I've been using iTunes Match for the past year and generally it's been pretty reliable. Since somewhere around the iTunes 11 update, I've been having weird issues and am curious if anyone has any clue what's going on.

    My main computer is a Macbook Pro at home where all my music is. I have an iPad, iPhone, and a work Macbook Pro. I often buy music while at work, so a lot of my new purchases come from my work MBP. Last week I purchased 5 albums or so on the work computer, and right away the iTunes library on that computer did not show them. They were on my phone, and my iPad, but not the computer I purchased them on. I had to go into the iTunes store and purchase them again where I got the 'This item has already been purchased' and they were now available in the library.

    Fast forward a couple days, I went to listen to one of the albums and half of the tracks are missing (same computer). I went back into the store, clicked purchase on the songs and got the 'This item has already been purchased', but they did not appear in my library. I had to select 'Download' on the already purchased popup to get them in my library.

    I looked on my iPhone, and half the tracks are missing there. However, and I've never seen this, there is a 'Show Complete Album' button beneath the 6 tracks that are visible. When I click that, the other tracks appear with a 'Download' button on the right of the track row. It's not the iCloud download icon.

    Can anyone help me understand:
    1) Why the songs don't show / disappear in my iTunes Match Library on my MBP.
    2) Why different tracks don't show on my phone... until I click 'Show Complete Album'
    3) Why after I show the full album on my phone, the tracks it now shows has a 'Download' button when the other half of the album does not? I had not played this album on my phone so none of the tracks would've have been on the phone.

    Sorry for being long, thanks for any help.


    As a follow up, right before I wrote that post I had gone into iTunes and downloaded the full album to my work MBP as I stated. All 12 tracks were on my computer.

    After writing the post, I went back to look at the tracks to continue playing the album and tracks 5 and 8 are now missing.
  2. simtilver macrumors newbie

    Sep 9, 2012
    Yes, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with iTunes Match.

    I was having the same problem and thinking it would be a fix, I turned Match on and off on all of my devices. Now, none of my playlists are syncing to my iPhone or iPad AND no artwork is showing up on my iPhone or iPad.


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