Weird Over-Usage readings


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Jul 1, 2007
Southern California
I fully charged last night and barely used the phone today..maybe a half hour tops. Tonight I notice the battery at half level and go into the usage settings and there it says 7hrs, 39 minutes! I charge the phone and check an hour later and it now says 8hrs, 43 minutes usage. The phone has been sitting next to me doing nothing. I didn't have the ipod open at all today just in case that was running in the background. Something is up.

EDIT: after thinking about it..the extra hour may account for the fact that it's charging, therefore the usage would go up by an hour. Still doesn't account for the 7-plus hours it was being used today while sitting in my pocket.


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Jul 14, 2007
Inland Empire
I fully charged my iPhone this passed weekend on Friday night and took it off the dock on Saturday morning. I was gone until Sunday evening and when I looked at the usage it said about 1 hr and some minutes. Really odd.
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