Weird problems since 10.5.2

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ajbrehm, Feb 18, 2008.

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    On two Intel machines, an iMac and a MacBook I have been experiencing mild to severe problems ever since I installed the 10.5.2 update.

    1. Wireless network on the MacBook doesn't work very well. It acts as if the signal was very weak and sometimes just decides not to connect any more. This happens in the next room as well as one foot from the base station.

    2. Usually, when the wireless acts up, programs become unresponsive and won't quit; newly started programs will show a Dock icon and then seemingly load forever.

    3. On my iMac loading disk images doesn't open the image in a new window any more and neither will an icon appear anywhere (irrespective of Finder settings). Instead I have to use Disk Utility to open the mounted disk image. And I can only unmount/eject the disk image from Disk Utility.

    4. Sometimes the mounted disk image does appear in Go -> Computer (and only there). In that case the volume remains visible after unmounting or ejecting the disk image in Disk Utility. I can still traverse the image's directory but not open files. Finder tells me the file cannot be opened because the volume has been dismounted. (I know that but why does the Finder display the volume AND its contents?)

    5. The Finder does not update the desktop or Finder windows any more. When I copy or download a file to the desktop, the desktop will remain empty until I open the Desktop folder in a Finder window. When I copy another file, it will not show either on the desktop or the Desktop folder Finder window until I open another Finder window and display the Desktop folder in it.

    6. Disk Utility and other programs often lock up and won't quit. Microsoft Excel 2008 does that a lot too. The programs will appear in ps auxc's output with their names in brackets and a kill or kill -9 command on the pid doesn't do anything (but seems to think that it was successful). The programs will quit when I log out, which is usually not possible at that point. I wrote a script "flogoff" that looks for and kills my session. A reboot is not necessary.

    7. I did scan the disk and repair permissions. Everything is officially fine.

    8. My PowerPC iMac does not seem to have these problems.

    Any ideas?
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    Since bumping my PowerBook G4 to 10.5 (and subsequently, 10.5.2), I'm having the exact same problem. What was a strong, all-bars-on signal yesterday morning plummeted to a scant 1-2 bars immediately, in spite of the fact nothing else changed. Even with the base station nearby, almost no signal appears.

    Anyone have a fix for this? My MBP, also running 10.5.2 and a lot further away from the base station, still gets all bars, full strength signal from the same base station, so it can't be the base.

    Thanks in advance.

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