Weird thing happened with my iPad's Photos

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Szczelec33, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Dec 23, 2017
    The other day I had a real weird experience on my photos app. I was traveling with my Wifi LTE enabled and noticed that I kept running out of room on my iPad. I didnt pay attention to see if the photos kept getting expanded but that is what I assume was happening is my device's photos app was eating away my space because later I realized some of my photos that were previously deleted and movies reappeared in my albums. All of a sudden when I freed up my space my photo section was going crazy. The main folder kept expanding with a bunch of photos being added includong some recently deleted and for a while I couldnt use the photos section of Facebook messenger. It said I needed to enable photo sharing in settings or to allow messenger access to camera all of a sudden thats when I went into the photos app and realied it was being changed dynamically at will.

    The only thing I can think of is someone hacked me or due to visiting two websites that day some weird software was installed on my iPad from one of those sites. Crazy thing is I was researching how to recover deleted photos from even the trash bin on the iPad but Ive never heard of any software that would remotely allow anyone to do that even the FBI or anti hacking/cyber groups. The only software I found needed an iPad directly connected to a PC or Mac ( Would it be possible that due to me visiting another site that was questionable that some weird authority or big brother snooped into my account trying to get info on me? Or what was what I experienced?

    Basically it started going haywire but now that all those photos came back and I deleted a bunch it isnt doing anything funny. But what was weird is there were screencap photos of my entire album drive or page with diff albums listed or photos side by side plus some deleted stuff came back. Just weird.
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    You should check Settings>Privacy>Photos and see what has permission to access Photos. Note: that's the iOS 11 path to the setting...not sure if it's the exact same in iOS 10.

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