Weird things happening.


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Jul 1, 2008
Canada. Manitoba.
I had my MBA on, and it was plugged into the wall, but I wasn't really using it. I had an internet page up, but that was it. I wasn't really using it, but I needed it later for what I was doing. When I was finished I ran my finger back and forth across the trackpad and the screen was black, but the light thing was on (the one that says whether the laptops on or off) So i pulled it closer to me and I figured it had turned off. So I pushed the power button and nothing happened. I know it's slow but not like that. I pushed it a few more times, then my screen saver came on, but it was black and white (IT's the tile one, where it starts off as one picture that makes another picture.) There was a thing on the bottom, like when you turn on the brightnes, along the bottom. It was goingn up a bit slow. Then, when it was up the whole way the screen saver was color again! After a second it went back to my internet page! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm wondering what I did....


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Sep 2, 2008
Do you back up to a Time Capsule?

I had the same problem. I took the MBA to the local Genius bar and it wouldn't fail for them. At home I noticed it kernel panicked, whenever Time Machine tried to mount the Time Capsule disk. I took both into the Apple Store and they kept them for a week. Seems the Time Capsule needed to be re-imaged. Since then, all has been good.


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Jun 2, 2006
yes, i have suffered that once before. but the cursor is working, i can move it around.

i think it's caused by the lack of voltage in coolbook setting. so it makes the computer weird.