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    Welcome to the UI Customization forum!

    Since the various "wallpaper" threads have been so popular over a long period of time, we decided it's time for them to have a dedicated forum. This will make it easier for interested members to find all the images in one place.

    Here are the categories (tags) you'll find. You must choose a prefix when creating a new thread, and we ask that you use the following guidelines for proportions when you post:

    • [Desktop] - Mostly Landscape 4:3 to 16:9
    • [iPhone] - Mostly Portrait 2:3 to 9:16
    • [iPad] - Mostly square 1:1
    • [Jailbreak] - UI changes that require jailbreak
    • [Geektool] - Desktop UI changes that require Geektool.

    And here are a few things we ask you to comply with:

    • New threads created should be somewhat general. For instance a "Sports" thread is better than a "Chicago Bulls" thread.
    • Please describe your wallpaper in some way. This is helpful for users searching for wallpapers. Helpful search terms would be the name of the sports team, the name of the person, etc.
    • Images should be posted at the resolution appropriate for the device tagged in the thread (see list above).
    • A background should be posted in the one thread most appropriate for it. Use your best judgement.
    • All images with people as the subject should be posted in a thread for people.
    • Wallpapers should not have other elements placed on top of them such as icons. The threads are for users to get wallpapers, not see what your desktop looks like.
    • Make only one request for resizing/cropping images. Additional requests should be reported by users so moderators can take appropriate action. This is to help keep threads clean, with as few extraneous posts as possible.
    • To give members a clear idea of the purpose of a new thread, the first post should have at least four properly-sized examples in the first post.
    • If you link to an external wallpaper site, please include at least two direct links to specific wallpapers that meet the thread criteria. Remember, the self-promotion rules and rule concerning posting links apply here as well.

Thread Status:
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