Well.... darn it. Battery bugs strike?

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    I thought I had escaped the battery/bugs that seemed to plague other people's handsets. When I bought a brand new 4S, I set it up as a new phone over the cloud. I have never sync'd it with iTunes or a PC.

    I had already made a thread on a recent issue I had making a phone call.

    Unfortunatly while trying to (purposly) drain the battery yesterday so I could fresh charge from 0% I discovered something a bit shocking. All I had to do to get my phone down from 22% to 0% is play a game for about 10-15 mins...... now I know 3D games are demanding but...... DAMN :eek:. That equates to 1hr 15 mins of battery life from a full charge. Just because I played Infinity Blade????

    Also while checking my standby/usage times I noticed an interesting bug. My standby time is now increasing at the same rate as my usage time........... :rolleyes: (Check the 3 screen caps). I have also noted that the battery can stay on something like 100% for ages. Then suddenly it will eat through the % pretty quickly just browsing the web. :confused:

    Another new issue poped up today, randomly. I took my phone out of standby and noticed the location arrow. Looking for an app in the Location Services, nothing seemed to be using it. So I looked at System Services and saw that Compass Calibration was. So I toggled it off. Arrow vanished. Turned it back on.... came back. Its been stuck ON for an hour now, I thought id just leave it and see if it went off on its own but seems to be stuck just like Setting Time Zone is (if u turn that on the arrow pops up and never goes away). See the other pic I attached. [Edit] I just restarted my phone and it seems to have fixed it.

    My biggest nag though is that my apps keep bloody crashing. Everything. At first I thought "Oh it must just not be iOS 5 ready yet" but its not only downloaded apps that crash. The built in mail app has crashed on me. By crash I mean they suddenly blink back to the home screen, and switching to the app in the task manager just restarts it and you lose everything u were doing at the time.

    Ok now thats all vented I feel a little better.

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    Nov 13, 2011
    I have the same battery issues with my iPhone 4s. I have turned off the location services and all the other services running in to background, just for the sake of saving battery. Battery only last for a day at push and I'm a moderate user. Use my phone to watch video on YouTube, play online chess and check Internet. Any tips to fix this bug would be appreciated.

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