Well Done, Apple & iTunes 8...


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Mar 6, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Well, it seems Apple has really screwed us over this time. With iTunes 8 it is EXTREMELY difficult to Jailbreak a device with QuickPwn or PwnageTool. How I know this, is because iTunes 8 screwed me around when trying to Jailbreak.

My Symptoms:

Had PwnageTool open, made the Custom Restore, opened it in iTunes and tried to Restore numerous times and having it fail. So I am like, "OK, lets try QuickPwn".

Had QuickPwn open, went through the auto process, sent the files, waited for Reboot...Then iTunes 8 rears its bloated and ugly head WHILE its doing the Flashing and says the "iPod cannot be connected (-6)".

Eventually I ended up Jailbreaking using QuickPwn, running a script that kept iTunes and iTunesHelper CLOSED while I was doing it. But the Jailbreak only worked for a day because somehow, my PrivateFramework folder vanished from my device so I had to restore. I tried to QuickPwn again, then as I was trying to put my device into DFU, iTunes opened and interrupted me so I failed to enter DFU, causing QuickPwn to look like it had worked, but ending up so my iPod couldn't sync.


Buckets 'o' Crap to you, Apple, for intentionally programming your terrible, bloated software with even more stuff to try and prevent Jailbreaking. These are OUR devices not YOURS ANYMORE. Get it?

I have now decided to stay "Stock" and not Jailbreak because I am not going to go through the 2.5 hour process of Restoring while trying to make iTunes think that I am NOT attempting to hack my iPod, which resulted in me having to Re-Install iTunes.

/End Rant

Does anyone agree??


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May 31, 2007
I don't agree. Apple made the product and created programs to support said product. People like yourself wish to subvert Apple's product, changing it from what Apple intended to something you like. Ok. However, it is pretty laughable to think Apple should change their support software so that it will handle your modified version of their product.

It is simple. Apple creates a product and stuff to support it. Their obligation then is to continue supporting that device assuming the device follows the specifications they decided upon, and you decided upon when purchasing the phone.


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Sep 7, 2007
I do agree iTunes has gotten bloated over the years, but to be fair it is their job to make sure that their products are used according to their specifications. You can't really blame them for including new measures to try and stop people from jailbreaking.