Well finally got my PPC computer in


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Mar 2, 2005
Portland, TX
Well I finally got my mac Clone in I had troubles with the video when I got it. Didn't want to work, when its all done and said it was the CPU it came loose in the shipping, was poped out of the socket abit. I'm so happy it was just that. Well it took me a while but I got IE 5.1 onto it...btw my system is OS 8.1. Well I also received a one button mouse, keyboard mac one both ADB, and two vga adapters for my monitors. so far stuff is looking good but I need a IRC program for my computer anyone know any I can Download and install right now off the bat? while mac os works with a one button mouse I really think its the stupidiest idea for efficeny and I will need to add a two button scroll mouse atleast later. they keyboard is good nothing to be siad there. I will probably update this system to a G3 @ 300mhz and stick a vodoo 3 into it later. that should boost speed abit. Maybe I'll look for a 604 or 604e to try to stick into my PC here. also I'm gona probably put some case fans into it and make some case mods to it.
not switching just messing
next system will be a Alpha or a SGI O2 probably.


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May 10, 2004
Tech^salvager said:
Is there a version for OS 8.1 of that program grapes911?
Of the 374,000 results this will give you, there are at least 6 likely candidates on the first page.

It's amazing what you can find when you look.


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Jul 28, 2003
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Tech^salvager said:
Is there a version for OS 8.1 of that program grapes911?
I'm sorry, I guess I miss read your post. I thought you were comming from 8.1 to OS X and needed a new irc app. My mistake. Just search version tracker, I'm sure there are some.
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