Well, I did it... :)


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Aug 29, 2006
Got a black MacBook yesterday. w00t!

Kinda irked that Apple is ripping people off big time by charging $600 for an in-store upgrade to 2GB over the stock 512MB, but what can you do. So when the "kid" asked me if I wanted more RAM before I left the store, and quoted the price, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the 2x1GB RAM kit I had just purchased at Fry's on the way to the Apple Store, said "This was $219.95, if you can match that price, sure, if not, then stop wasting my time." He sure didn't smile as I thought he would. :)

Anyway, I'm digging it big time. Got a decent deal on a 20.1" Samsung 205BW 1680x1050 LCD panel at Fry's also. They're always out of stock but this I had cash and said, "Ok, if you don't have any brand new, I want that one and pointed directly at the floor sample. The guy said sure, then I asked about a discount for the demo model, he checked and they gave me the $50 rebate instantly, so it was $299 out the door + tax. No box, manuals, etc, just the panel and the standard VGA cable. I'm cool with it, because...

When I got to the register the lady handed me another $50 rebate form to mail into Samsung. The only downside is I don't have the UPC code; it was on the original box obviously and Fry's throws all that stuff away as soon as a floor model goes out on display. Oh well... if anyone is a new owner of a Samsung 205BW widescreen LCD and you have the UPC code from the box, let me know will ya so I can get the rebate. I'll split it down the middle with you, even Steven. PM me here at the forum if you can help.

So, I get all the way home with all this neat stuff: the MacBook, the 2GB of RAM, the LCD, the cables, magazines, blank DVD media, a 160GB external Seagate drive for backups/etc, and some other assorted goodies.

My opinion so far: it rocks. It's warm, of course, but I just noticed that other thread about lowering the temps by modding the kexts and I'll be giving that a shot here in a bit. I'm currently installing XP Pro in Parallels build 1922 because it's ridiculously fast on my Wife's new 20" iMac with just 1GB of RAM - on this MacBook it should fly because of the 2GB but not quite as fast as her Core 2 Duo iMac. But close. :)

I posted this because I have a question to ask the members here who are probably more experienced with this situation:

I got the mini-DVI to DVI adapter and that's how the MacBook is connected to the MacBook. It seems the only two options are extended and mirrored for the external LCD. I'm wondering if that means I'm always going to be stuck using the LCD in the laptop, or...

My question is this: Am I always going to be forced into keeping the laptop's LCD active, or is there some way to make the external LCD the primary and only active monitor? I like having duals, especially with the setup I have which I'd share but I don't have a digital camera right now - that's next on the buying list along with a networkable printer for this MacBook and the Wife's 20" iMac I got her this week.

So, that's basically it: I'd just like to use the external LCD when I'm here at home, it's easier that way for me. I've heard about clamshell mode, which is my goal in the long run, but right now for the moment I don't have a USB keyboard to use with this setup (yes it's on the list of 'to buy' stuff also).

Many thanks for info if you can help...


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May 27, 2003
Asheville, NC
It really is insane what they charge for RAM upgrades at Apple. I would think they'd make them less expensive to encourage people to have Apple do it instead of risking them screwing something up (not that you would personally...just in general).

Anyway...congrats :)


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Aug 10, 2005
Congrats! now, the empty side of the cup...

hope there's no new update for the macbook anytime this week or this month ;)


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May 23, 2006
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if your wifes imac is on most of the time, you can just enable printer sharing on the that computer, and use it from you macbook. I use it with pops power mac g5, works great!


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Oct 5, 2006
congrats! it's an awesome piece of machine, that's cool you knew to buy your RAM from a different store instead of getting ripped off by Apple, enjoy your MB