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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Shorties, Aug 19, 2007.

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    So i am a new switcher to OSX, I really like it. (Before this I was using vista which I really enjoyed, more then XP I don't care what anyone else says). Anyway I got an external HD and decided to move my music folder to it to save space (I have 106GBs of music/movies all legal in my iTunes library). Anyway I realized I was copying it to the wrong HD so I canceled the move and because it left stuff I decided to do what I used to do in windows... merge the folders, so I dragged it back and it told me it would replace it. In windows it would say it would replace any files that were the same I assumed thats what it meant this time but no of course not as you know it replaces the whole folder. So i just lost all my Music/Movies and I am now in the process of getting them off my old computer (Which is really screwed up the mobo or Power Supply is fried it takes about 50-100 presses on the power button to boot). Anyway I learned my lesson my question is... is there any other differences (That can be data Threatening like this) between windows and OSX that I should be aware of?
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    First of all welcome to Macs! ;)

    Like you I have Vista and have been using it before I made the switch. I still use it for Office 07 and to play games but I like OS X a lot better.

    What you should have done, is press "Command + Z" to undo a previous action. Command is the button besides the spacebar. It has the Apple logo and some kind of weird "pound sign" mark.
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    Ive been using it for 2 weeks so I know most of the mac, (Like the Command key and stuff) and yeah as soon as I realized what had happened I tried to undo it but it was too late, I had already done something else which removed the Undo option for that specific action. (It was like 5 minutes later when I saw I had so much free space on the Hard Drive when I realized what had happened.)
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    You are right here, I am fairly certain that "undo" (command-Z), will not undo a file transfer, let alone multiple ones. I could be wrong as I have never tried, but for this to work it would have to keep a record in memory of every file action for the last hour or so seems to me.

    In any case I just wanted to say that these kind of gotchas happened to a friend of mine when she switched and together we determined that the reason was because of the change in "philosophy" behind system warnings in the two OS's.

    Windows throws up so many dialogue boxes, questions, and indicators (several every minute in some cases), that Windows users (and I am guilty of this myself on Windows), tend to just click them off. You get so sick of the OS bugging you all the time that you tend to just think "yeah-yeah, whatever" and click them off without thinking.

    Macs on the other hand generally throw up a warning or a dialogue box only if there is a genuine decision to be made, usually a serious one. If you can get your head around the idea that every time the OS asks you a question, you should seriously think about what it's asking and what the consequences are, you will be okay.

    I know this doesn't help with your problem and it's also fairly common sense advice, but I have seen this happen a few times so I thought I would mention it as a general observation and as advice for the future.

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