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Jul 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
My AirPods still somewhat work, however, callers on the other end of the phone say that the sound is muffled. I am now thinking about replacing them with the AirPod Pros. For anyone who has upgraded from AirPod regular to the Pro, is it worth the upgrade? I am trying to decide wether I should just buy the same ones again, or get the Pro.

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Mar 14, 2011
I have both the 1st gen AirPods and the AirPods Pro. For background, my ears are "compatible" with the AirPods, meaning they don't fall off and I don't need to adjust them while wearing them.

The AirPods Pro S tip is just a bit too small for my left ear, and the M tip is just a bit too large. I use the S tip and there are days when I manage to seat the pod securely and all is well, but more often than not while out on a walk or if I'm talking (so my jaw moves) I need to adjust it every 15-30 minutes. The S tip is perfect for my right ear.

When the AirPods Pro are seated properly, noise cancellation is great for in-ears. They completely cut out the hum associated with modern homes - ventilation, AC, appliances. Out and about they abate the background hum of traffic and make slowly passing combustion vehicles seem like electric. It really is eye-opening just how much background hum there is, especially outside, when you take the AirPods Pro off. With the AirPods you hear everything and I at least need to increase the volume of whatever I'm listening to to cut through the noise. With the AirPods Pro I can listen at considerably lower volumes.

When you want to hear your surroundings without taking the pods out of your ears, the Transparency mode is just wonderful. It appears to amplify sounds a bit and adds a slightly processed quality to them, but I'm really glad it's there.

In summary - AirPods don't fit everyone's ears, but even when they do that's no guarantee that the AirPods Pro will also fit perfectly. In my experience when they do fit, the AirPods Pro are a clear step up in listening comfort.
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Mar 14, 2011
I figured this thread would be a good place to post this:

I recently forgot to charge my AirPods Pro, so when it was time to go for a walk I found them completely dead. No big deal, I thought - I still have my 1st gen AirPods. I occasionally use them at home, so I can use them outside this one time. So I plugged them in, put a podcast on and got ready.

  1. It's getting nippy here so I had to put on an extra layer. I also had to reseat the AirPods afterwards because the stems are bigger and your ears don't grip the buds and so they get displaced if anything touches them
  2. Stepping outside, I realized I could hear my footsteps so I turned the volume up. I was reminded of my earlier comment above, about having to combat outside noise - including just the crunching of your shoes on dirt - with volume
  3. There was more traffic on the highway. Except no - the AirPods just weren't cancelling the hum. It really was remarkable just how big the difference was compared to my walk the day before with the AirPods Pro. I turned the volume up again
  4. Shortly after I realized the volume was now too high for a quieter part of the walk. I turned the volume down
  5. Coming back home one of the AirPods went flying when I pulled my scarf off. That just doesn't happen with the Pros
Don't be like me - keep your AirPods Pro charged.
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