Well, it happened...


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Feb 6, 2018
It does baffle me when other members say things like this, which includes your post. I mean, you dropped your Apple Watch face down on a hard tile surface and you thought it would be a ‘bit tougher’? I’m repeating myself by saying this, when a device is dropped, it’s based on three key ingredients: [angle/impact/surface type], if all of those three are combined and align correctly, that’s exactly what happens to something, it breaks.
Well sure, it doesn't make it any less painful though. I have given it quite a bit of abuse for the last 2 years, bashed it about loads and not a mark or a scratch, just seemed a bit of an anti-climax the way it died, them's the breaks I guess. Thank goodness for Applecare+


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Sep 29, 2014
Happened to me today, went swimming, fell out of the bottom locker about 20" onto the tiles face down, smashed corner and screen popped off, SSSB too! I thought it would be a bit tougher tbh.
The stainless is less resistant to drops than the sport model. It’s munch higher in scratch resistance though. The trade off of scratch resistance is a more brittle screen.
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