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Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by Skorman, May 31, 2017.

  1. Skorman macrumors newbie

    Feb 6, 2010
    This problem is two fold.
    I have a lot of unwanted JPG's populating my new Photos library, like thousands, apparently from Apple.
    I also have the problem of the photos from the former iPhoto I used for years not populating the new Photo library.
    These problems started when the hard drive crashed on my former MacBook Pro, and I took it to Geek Squad and bought a new larger internal HDD. They were able to save the photos off of the old hard drive and used them to repopulate the iPhotos library. Somehow many hundreds, perhaps thousands of photos where then showing up in iPhoto when I clicked on it to view my pictures. I tried deleting them but they would seem to re-populate out of nowhere, perhaps the iCloud. Then the computer died, so I bought a new one. Again, they were able to repopulate the new Photo with the old photos from iPhone. But you guessed it, the unwanted stock images where there clogging up the works. The geek squad guy helped show me how to delete them, and we deleted all the unwanted photos together. Still no photos from the old iPhoto program. He tried telling me how to copy them across from the old iPhoto to the new Photo program that came with my new MacBook Pro. Now I don't even see the old iPhoto program ANYWHERE, and don't know where to find my thousands of old photos. The new Photo program is so crammed with the unwanted photos that it hardly works at all.
    SO, I need to delete all the old unwanted Apple Stock photos, icons, and JPG images and Photos from the Photo program, or library, and or the Cloud, so that it doesn't automatically and continually repopulate all of them into my Photo Library. I also need to find and have my former photos from the Older iPhoto program into the newer Photos program library. Some photos were saved into folders on the desktop, like in my old "Windows" days. I was told what a wonderful world it was to "trust" apple with automatically managing my photos, which I finally did under iPhoto before my first computer crash. I strongly regret doing that now, and I wonder what the hell ever possessed Apple to relegate all the photos under the iPhoto program to having to use that program, and not automatically have them populate the new Photo's Library. I also am upset that the iCloud, or something, is re-populating an error that the Geek Squad apparently did to me years ago.
    Please help!!!
  2. Fishrrman macrumors G5


    Feb 20, 2009
    This is why I keep ALL of my photos "outside of" ANY photo app.
    I create a separate "folder/file" organizing system of my own naming ON A SEPARATE DRIVE, and "reference them" with all the photo apps I use (Apple or otherwise).

    That way, one never becomes "dependent on" any particular application, insofar as management of their libraries are concerned.

    You could create such a self-managed library with all -new- pics you add, but "sorting out" the existing libraries will be a BIG JOB (sigh).

    I also do the same with music.
    My "iTunes library" has ZERO files inside it!
  3. fisherking macrumors 603


    Jul 16, 2010
    ny somewhere
    am not at my desk, and you may want some help with this (ie with apple), but you want to quit Photos, delete your Photos library (in the Home>Pictures folder), and reimport the iphoto library. you could turn off your internet connection first, so nothing downloads from the cloud.

    this is just some basic info; maybe reach out to apple for more help. i've seen this once before; a client had a million adobe images (even tiny app ones, like buttons etc) populating her photo library).

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