Went In For a Screen Replacement, Left With a Brick - Can someone explain?

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    Sep 22, 2014
    Okay, so I guess I should start with the backstory. A little under a year ago, I dropped my iPhone 5 and shattered the screen. I found someone with good reviews on the internet, and he promptly replaced the screen(I'm not sure if this is relevant, BUT I'm trying to make sure all information is given). About two months or so ago, I decided to jailbreak my phone using Pangu(?). I never really had any issues with the jailbreak or any of the tweaks that I had installed.

    Yesterday, I dropped my phone on the brick and again, shattered the screen. Because I was getting glass in my fingers and couldn't wait til November to get my phone screen replaced(the guy I saw before only does it seasonally), I went to someone a little closer. The reviews were sparce, but good, so I figured it was safe and I would be in and out in 30 minutes.

    Unfortunately, that was not the case. The way this man had his shop set up, the waiting room and seating area was out of view of the workshop area and reception area, so I can't vouch for him actually doing as he said, however I do believe he was doing as he told me and working quite earnestly. He replaced the screen fairly quickly and called me over to pay and check to make sure the phone was working. However, when the phone screen came up, there was a text in the top of the white background, black apple screen that was white and highlighted in black. It was too small to read and if I could I wouldn't have been able to tell you what it meant, but he told me it meant that my phone was rejecting the screen so he would try another. I told him that was find and went back to waiting.

    Several screens later, he calls me back into the reception area to inform me that he has tried a few more screens and is still getting the same issue. He suggests that we try changing out the battery and that it may resolve the issue, even offers to do so at a reduced price. I agree, and he tries this. However, the issue persists. He decides to try plugging the original screen back into the phone, and it works, so he tries to put on a black one, hoping he just had a bad batch of white ones. However, the black screen produces the same result. He called and consulted a fellow branch of his company, and was told that he should just send the phone home with me(with the original cracked screen but new battery) where I could try and remove the jailbreak and bring it back to get the screen replaced. When he turned the phone back on in the aforementioned condition, it then showed the same black text on the screen. He decided to return the original battery and then when the phone came on, no black text came up, but the screen would not boot past the white background, black apple screen. It stayed lit up, and he suggested I take it home and still try to restore it. This was after spending three hours in his office.

    I was very upset but still hopeful that I would be able to restore my phone. Unfortunately, when I plugged my phone into my laptop, it told me that the USB device had malfunctioned and as a result it could not connect. When I called the guy from my house, he told me that it meant my motherboard must be fried and that he didn't think I should invest any money into the phone unless it "proved to [me] that it would work"(his words). So basically, my phone is now completely unusable.

    1. Is there a way I can retrieve my pictures and contacts from the phone?

    2. Who/what is to blame here? Is the jailbreak at fault, or is the repair guy? I don't want to take any business back to him if it sounds like he screwed up and was just trying to cover himself.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss about this whole situation and going through phone withdrawals. :(
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    Jul 3, 2010
    I am appalled by how the person handled your situation. Sorry to hear about your troubles, OP. You've previously had the screen replaced on your phone before, and had it working even with the jailbreak; I think we can rule that one out.

    I've replaced screens on multiple models of iPhones before, and usually, if there is something wrong, it is with the replacement part. Even if he made any disclaimer, the technician is still at fault for causing your situation to become worse.

    You should share your feedback on those review sites so others are aware of the workmanship, and it might catch the attention of the management; but first, I recommend contacting them to try to reach a favorable resolution.

    Best of luck, you deserve better service than that. Sent from my iPad.

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