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    So, I walked into Best Buy today to do a little window shopping and they finally had the new 2016 MBPs on display (actually they are starting to look like an Apple pop up store, they are really pushing these things). I went right for the 13" models, the one with the (gimmicky to me) touch bar, loaded up safari to test the keyboard. The first couple tries, I could not type what so ever on, the keyboard was funky. I loaded up youtube and ran a video to play with the scrubber on the touch bar. Meh, I can kind of see the reasoning for this thing, for now I could take it or leave it.

    I went back to the non touch bar model, for 1500 bucks and started to play with it. For some reason, it was a bit easier to type on it. This could be due to them being on the table lashed down and me standing and the keyboard being new. Yeah, travel was shallow and the keys a bit stiff and clicky(?) But I kept messing with things, loading up a full resolution (1080p) full screen video on youtube, checked out my photo gallery and well...

    I liked what I saw. Not because it was my gallery, but the photos looked really good. Probably better then they do on the 2011 MBP (non retina) I already have. The screen looked brighter (probably was), higher resolution obviously. Price not too severe. It looks like it may be something I could do some real work on as least in the photo / video area.

    The device felt more responsive, sleek. The touch pad, while big, it seemed a bit more natural on the 13" then the 15" model, my palms did not really touch it, but once again, I was not in a real world use. The touch pad, was very responsive, backing up on web pages was a snap, zooming in an out on a web page, fluid. Yeah, Apple really has the touch pad nailed here.

    I try not to be a fan boy of anything, just love me some tech. Windows while they do seem to be doing some interesting stuff, some of what I heard irks me. I mean a key logger!? Ads!? Blocking chrome on their latest venture into Windows 10s!? Privacy concerns?! Windows cloud?

    Anyway, after playing around with the 13" base model for a bit, I looked at a few other windows computers. Best Buy did not have any XPS machines. A surface book by contrast looked like a brick.

    Its obvious Apple has elegance over some of the other computers out there. I mean a bit thought out. Not trying to bash things.

    I have been looking into replacing my MBP for some time now, and after playing around with one of the newer models, I am leaning more towards one. I am not sure which one to go for. The base 15" has a very nice attractive price for sure, and my mom said she would take an updated one if I didn't like it.

    Would I have to get a couple dongles? Probably.
    Would I have to spring for a new external drive? Probably would be a good idea, more so if I do smaller onboard storage.

    A 15" may be a slightly better idea should I decide to push a larger monitor for my photography because the extra ports.

    Is this the catch-all machine I have been looking for? Could dual boot windows 10 should something I want to do require it, like for playing the games I like (the sims, maybe GTA V and Minecraft) It would probably run Photoshop and lightroom in MacOS

    None of these windows machines really impress me. Nor does windows itself, aside I feel more comfortable in the file system and navigating in the system.

    If I was to buy new MBP, which would be the best all around one? I suspect the 15" because there is a little bit more to it then the 13" more ports etc. Kind of sucks I have to by the best configuration up front at a markup then add as I need, but I have done pretty well with a late 2011 MBP with a 2.2ghz i7 and 8gb of ram and 256gb ssd running OSX 10.8.5!

    (I thought I had a 2012 MBP!?, I got it in 2012)
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    For my part, using the keyboard on the demo machines on those tables is not a very true picture of how it will work in your home. The keyboards on those tables are significantly lower (with regard to your standing position)... and the typing that you do there is most definitely different from what you would do sitting in a chair at a desk with the laptop properly situated. The feel of the key travel will be different, as will you ability to type accurately, for the majority of the population.

    Sadly, you are correct... you will need dongles and/or some sort of a dock/hub to be able to use your existing accessories (cables, etc)... and you will probably need a Rube Goldberg-type creation to be able to read an SD card to pull photos off of your DSLR...

    As for the TouchBar, I can see where it might have some practical application somewhere down the road... but to replace the utilitarian function keys with a gimmick-y touch bar seems futuristic... and, to me, it's usefulness is a real stretch.
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    I'm actually accustomed to dongles as my main camera uses a CF card, not c fast, and my pocket camera a SD card.

    I am a bit undecided on the size, I know more ports would be a good idea.

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