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    Hi guys,
    I'm having a problem. I share a wireless connection with 6 others and we've recently ran into some trouble. Two of the guys recently changed computers and couldn't connect to the router. Long story short, after much messing we figured out that if we added an 'A' to the WEP key they would connect. This however has messed me up as my macbook (1st gen) won't accept this. It simply says incorrect password.

    Is there any way of getting the macbook to accept a 14 digit password or is it back to the drawing board?
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    I remember reading something where you need to add an $ to the key. I would highly recommend you put WPA2 on your router it's more secure.
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    I agree with the WPA2, but if you have to use WEP, your password should be either 8 or 5, or 13 characters. Only those exact numbers will allow cross-platform connection without an equivalent hexadecimal password.

    If the above does not work put the $ sign in front.

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