We're all being short changed

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Evev12, Jul 31, 2008.

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    I've been extremely sour with the new iPhone's shortcommings for a while now, but I finally realize why. Please just hear me out...I'm not bashing it, in fact I love it, A LOT - it's the way it's managed that makes me cringe.

    Minutely cracked cases and crashing browsers aside let's face it...the iphone's missing a lot, but we're all blinded by glitz, glamour and strangely hypmotic popularity. As superior as it is, in all the areas that it excels, why can't we "try-before-we-buy" when it comes to the apps, unlike anything I've ever seen there are no tiral periods - if you realize the app doesn't sync right, too bad buy another (but then again it makes iTunes more money). Why is the iphone the only phone that AT&T won't let us tether, why don't we have Live TV or any Orb/Slingbox connection (not even AT&T's own $30 TV service)? And the bluetooth....it's ages behind all the rest when it comes to connectivity, AND I can't use it internationally without a $1400 phone bill! I finally get it now! It's not the problems or the iphone itself that bother me, it's the fact that there's no reasonable explination AND the fact that Apple EASILY has the potention to fix these "problems" and make it a completely unrivaled phone but they ALWAYS seem to give us just short of perfect with no explination, and I'm pretty sure it's done purposely (I got my masters in marketing)! If Apple could adress all of our issues with reasonable, meaninful answers, that would be more than enough to shut me up, and quick, and I'd have a smile on my face cause I wouldn't feel like I was taken advantage of. But the only motive that can logically be concluded is....more $$$$$$$ Just thinking about what the iphone COULD be is what upsets me the most, why are all the companies out there so damn greedy? Common, your customers are camping out for days and selling out your phones for a solid month - why would you give us anything less than everything you could? :confused:
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    Two separate threads containing the same verbose rant? You're right...we ARE being shortchanged!

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