Western Digital 1TB in my Macbook Pro?


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Nov 1, 2007
I have a Macbook Pro 17"- silver version. I am not sure if this is the Santa Rosa or the Penyren, nor do I know how to really check....anyone?
Beyond that, I want to upgrade the HD. Will the Scorpio Blue 1tb or 750 gb fit in this model or only the unibody?

p.s. if there are any other big ones like 1tb besides the scorpio blue that do fit, please advise.


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Jun 16, 2003
only a select few...

can fit that larger 12mm drives at that size. Most have to go with the 640GB that is the standard 9.5mm.

Just installed that Western Digital version and it's working great on my Penryn late 2008 15" Macbook Pro. Less heat and seems faster, smoother than the stock Hitachi 7200k it replaced.

You need to know if you your handles the larger 12mm. Believe it might.


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Jun 16, 2003
17" Penryn

it's a Penryn. just figured that out. now, will that hold a 12.5er?
Pretty sure that one is limited to the 9.5mm drives. The biggest one is the WD 640GB.

The Unibody 17" can handle the 12.5mm drives and the larger drives I believe, but not the Penryn.

OWC has a good video on youtube how to do the install. I watched and kept a version handy on my iPhone. Took my time and the tape stuck on the hard drive itself leading to the SATA plug on top was really stuck on tight. On the video it looks easy to come up but it really took a flat head to pry it up a bit at a time.

Snapping off the connector on the hard drive or to the main board is apparently a common problem and will cost $40 to replace.


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Nov 2, 2007
SF Bay Area
OWC said:
link to product page

750GB WD Scorpio Blue 5200RPM 12.5mm SATA Notebook HD with 8MB Cache - Fits all Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro 'Unibody' Models (13/15/17"), MacBook Pro 'pre-unibody' 17" models, and PC Laptops which support 12.5mm SATA Drives.
Other World Computing seems to think a 12.5mm drive will fit in your laptop. The 1TB drive isn't shipping yet.


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Jul 13, 2009
Western Digital 1TB in my Macbook Pro?

If you call Other World Computing they will tell you it will only fit in 13", 15" and 17" aluminum Macbook and Macbook Pros.
The hard drive is available at Micro Center for $199.99 Here is the link.

I have put it in my brothers 13" 2.4Ghz aluminum Macbook and my 15" 2.66Ghz Macbook Pro. However it would not fit into another friends older 15" 2.0Ghz Macbook Pro. He is selling it for that reason alone. You have to remove it from the casing before you install it. I just found a youtube video on how to remove it.

I live one block from Micro Center. It's been in store for at least two months now.


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