Western Digital 1TB My Book External Drive - Raid 0 vs. Raid 1

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Courtaj, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Jul 3, 2008
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    If anyone owns a Western Digital My Book Studio Edition external drive (the one with Firewire, eSATA, and USB interfaces) and has reconfigured it to run in Raid 1 (mirrored) instead of Raid 0 (striped), I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about the deficit in file transfer speed.

    Alternatively, if anyone has thoughts on the best external HD on firewire which can be configured to Raid 1 (I'm way too paranoid for Raid 0), the floor is all yours.

    I'm using the external HD for basic video editing, on a C2D Mac Mini, with FW400. As you might very well infer, there are already speed compromises in this set-up, so I'm wondering whether the additional drop in nimbleness with Raid 1 is a bridge too far, and whether there might be a better-tailored option.

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    I have a MyBook Premium II 2TB at work (discontinued) and it seems to work pretty okay with RAID 1. Noticeably slower versus RAID 0, but decent. The only thing annoying about WD's dual disk drives is that you have to configure the RAID using their proprietary software (at least with mine I had to).

    Now, the BEST external FireWire RAID 0/1 drive would probably be a tie between the CalDigit FireWire VR and the G-Tech G-RAID2. Of the two, the CalDigit has the advantage of tool-less disk module swapping.


    You can build a drive that performs just as well as the two above using an OWC Mercury Elite Al RAID enclosure kit and two Hitachi 7K1000 hard disks for about half the money.

    Now, whether or not it would be appropriate to use RAID-0 depends on what this hard disk will be expected to do. If it's being used a scratch and capture disk (assuming your footage comes off tapes) for Final Cut, the data redundancy provided by RAID-1 wouldn't be as beneficial as you might think. Here, you want all the speed you can get and that's why RAID-0 is so popular. The worst thing that can happen with a failed scratch/capture disk is that you just have to recapture and re-render. But, if the drive is expected to be a reliable archive disk (which I wouldn't use as a scratch/capture anyway), then yes, some form of data mirroring is a good idea.
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    Ahoy there, Cap'n . . .

    . . . and many thanks for your reply. Helpful indeed.

    So long as building your own doesn't involve any soldering, I'm all for it given that it permits one to scrimp on the hard-earned and brag about one's proficiency at things technical. With the exception of soldering.
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    Mar 28, 2009

    Hi. I have bought a western digital 2TB hard drive and I'd like to know how much time it takes to pass from the modality raid 0 to raid 1.
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    Jul 24, 2010

    I ordered the 2TB version of this from the Apple Online Store - got it and installed.


    yes- i'll state that again- they claimed after a rather rude 45 minutes on the phone "we're working on that - this operating system JUST.CAME.OUT. <yes, it's August 24'th 2010 as I write this>

    Why would you NEED their utility? OH- let's say you want to change from Raid 0 to Raid 1 for instance! And I mean, what's the big deal there it's not like apple is shipping machines with Snow Leopard installe...... OH WAIT.

    Avoid this piece of junk like the plague. This is the last WD purchase I make as I'll be damned if I get told off by some $14/hour phone jockey about why I'm a fool for presuming their software is Snow Leopard compatible.

    Thanks to Apple for overriding their default 15 day return policy and without any hassle agreeing to return for full purchase price and even pay the freight back! Kudos!

    Here's the embarrassing thread on Western Digital's own support site:


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