Western Digital Completes Acquisition of SanDisk

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    Billions of dollars later and the juggernaut of the Hard Disk sector is officially moving into the Solid State arena with the acquisition of Sandisk. This merger will enable WDC to capitalize on SanDisk's 3D NAND technology but interestingly enough SanDisk has never produced 3D NAND in volume. This will either solidify or pose significant integration issues moving forward for WDC.

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    Western Digital has been in the SSD space for years, mostly through its enterprise subsidiary HGST. The company has acquired several SSD companies in the past few years (e.g. Virident and sTec) and some of its enterprise SSDs have been co-developed with Intel.

    The SanDisk acquisition merely expands WD's reach in the SSD market with more consumer-oriented products and most importantly WD gets access to SanDisk NAND fabs. SanDisk has decades of experience in manufacturing NAND, and 3D NAND is a derivative of the existing NAND technology. Nobody, except Samsung, has experience in 3D NAND manufacturing at the moment, so the lack of volume production knowhow isn't really a problem at this point.
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    Wow I didn't know WDC was already making moves in the SSD Enterprise arena as early as 2013.
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    I've been really happy with all my NAND products from SanDisk so far so I'm excited to see what advancements this will bring for the consumer market.
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    :eek: Right out of the gate this puts them ahead of Samsung and Intel in enterprise marketshare, which are at 20% and 21% respectively.

    Mind = Blown that I didn't read anything about this prior.

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