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Oct 5, 2012
Please excuse the slightly suggestive title :p

My PhantomSkinz Matte (back and sides) has just been shipped and I'm a newbie when it comes to the wet install process. I've seen the instructional videos on the website and YouTube and I'm asking you to share your wisdom and experience.

Should I lay the skin down with first contact at the middle, gently resting the sides? Or, should I lay down one end of the skin and slowly lower it until it's flat?

Any tips for preparation? Can you think of any useful tools that won't come in the package?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Jul 6, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Make sure you wash your hands before the install and wet your fingertips before handling the skin. This will prevent any fingerprints from getting on the skin.

I actually prefer wet installs over dry ones. I even use solution to install dry protectors. It's easier for me.


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Jun 8, 2010
I wouldn't even do a wet install on an iphone. iPad I might because of the size, but with an iPhone, just follow these steps:

1. Go to a lint free room. Best option is a bathroom. If you really want to keep the bathroom lint free during install you can go crazy and wear shower cap on your head, and not wear a shirt! You can even turn the shower on. The steam from the shower will weigh down the lint/dust in the air so you'll have a pretty clean environment.

2. Take some clear packaging tape and lay it on the surface of the iPhone. Two pieces is more than enough.

3. Now get your films ready for install. Remove the packaging tape from the iPhone surface and apply the film.

4. If you see any bubbles do not just try and squeeze them out! There may be dirt/dust under that bubble. Squeezing them out could bend the film! So make sure it's not dust or dirt where that bubble is. If it is just an air bubble, proceed squeezing it out.

If instead it is dust, get some regular scotch tape and tape the corner of the film but leave some overhang. Use the overhang of the tape as a handle to gently lift the film up at the corner without bending the film. Now take another piece of tape and pad the area of the iPhone surface that had the dust. You can now let the film down and then remove the tape off the corner.

Honestly, using the steps above, you can install a film in a minute to two. Very easy and no wet mess!


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Jul 10, 2010
Not sure how well the hinge method would work since the skin is not rigid like most dry installs but flimsy. I would also recommend keeping fingers wet as to not let it stick to your fingers. Keep a paper towl next to the phone to catch any water. Start at the top to line up the camera and speaker then use the included applicator card to lay down the rest of the skin from top to bottom. One thing that is not included in the package but is mandatory is patience. If you see the skin going sideways, even just a bit, stop, wet your fingers and gently pull-up to reposition. Keep a bowl of warm water near you as to not have to get up and move to wet fingers. It'll look great if you take the necessary time. Let us know how it goes.

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