Wet iPhone - a few issues remaining

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    dropped it in a toilet - thankfully was before I used the toilet! was in there for just a few seconds. removed it and tried to shut it down. managed to do this pretty quickly. dried off with a towel, disassembled major internal parts, gave them some exposure to hairdryer but not too much as i didn't want solder to melt.

    then i put it all back together. tried to switch on again but it kept re-setting itself. i then switched it off and placed in a ziplock bag full of rice as most people recommend. bag has been placed on a heater from time to time to bump up the temperature.

    it's been nearly 48 hours and i'm pretty sure it must be bone-dry by now with me trying to switch it on once or twice during that period. problem is that:

    - it will still reset after a few minutes or so
    - it will kind of crash with a horizontal yellow line pattern and then phone reset.
    - keeps dropping wi-fi network
    - when i try to restore, it resets part way.

    aside from this it is behaving perfectly normally. screen is showing no visible damage, apps are behaving normally, speaker and mic is perfect. iTunes is recognising it as my device and syncing. the charging symbol is showing up when it is plugged in but my gut feeling is that it definitely isn't holding a charge or charging as quickly as it should.

    things i could have done better:

    - not hairdry in case i did some damage
    - should have removed sim card and tray; only just did that now
    - i didn't degrease the metal to metal contacts when putting everything back together.

    in hindsight i should have simply switched it off, shook off the water, removed the sim/tray, placed in a sealed rice bag and left it for a dew days before attempting anything.

    my thoughts now are the following:

    - i could temporarily replace the battery with my wife's one to see if that is a solution.

    if that doesn't work then:

    - wait a few days then remove from rice
    - if everything is not back to normal then i should take it apart again and degrease metal to metal contacts.
    - restore from a backup

    if that doesn't help then:

    - i could replace the docking/charging component.

    if that doesn't resolve the constant resetting issue then i guess i will need to pay Apple UK circa £146 to get a refurbished replacement and hand this brick over.

    just wanted to know if others have experienced this issue and how they solved it, or if anyone has any thoughts or further ideas i would really welcome them.

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    Went to a London apple store. Was late for genius bar appointment but they kindly agreed to see me anyway. I told the young woman who assisted me straight away that it was water damage. She said although I had 2 months warranty left the water damage didn't cover that. I told her "I'm aware of the £140ish replacement charge - it's your decision, if you can do anything to help me then that's great if not no probs". She walked away then came back with another iPhone, passed it to me and said "there you go". That lovely person didn't charge me a penny! I called my wife who couldn't believe my luck or should I say that lady's generosity. We both agreed she deserved some chocolates which I promptly bought from elsewhere and then gave to her shortly afterwards. I am now very happy :)

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