What 4K monitor/TV size should I choose based on this info?


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Jul 23, 2007
Hello, just bought an MBP 2017 13". When I turned it on, the letters are very very small. How do you guys/girls use it? Manually increasing the font size? So inconvenience. (It seems that once I have disconnected the MBP from the 4K display, letters became larger. When I connected it to the 4K display again, letters became very very small to the point of unreadable. Is this normal? What is happening?)

Anyway, I connected it to a HP 32" 4K display.


I went to Pages and opened the "Modern letter" sample. I had to increase the font size manually to 200% in order to see the letters well. 300% is very comfortable. I guess the optimal percentage is 200%-250%.

Under Safari, I had to zoom in two times to see the letters on CNN webpages. Zooming the page three times make it very comfortably to see the words.

All viewing from arm's distance of about 62cm.

Based on this information, what 4K monitor/TV size do you recommend?

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Dec 26, 2007
Are you mirroring the displays? Setting the displays separately for resolution should be the fix, i think.


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Apr 23, 2010
I have a 27-in 4K display connected to my 15-MBP. It sits beyond arm's reach (I'm farsighted). 4K is too small, so I run at 1440p - it looks great.
Sometimes when I edit video with others, I connected to a 55-in 4K in another room. The viewing distance might be 9 feet. 1440p seems too small at this distance.

My point: for each person there are a lot of variables in determining what looks good. Near/far-sightedness, distance, size, default settings on the laptop, display resolution, and so on. Have you tried changing the resolution of the display?


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Jul 23, 2007
I chose 4K for real estate. If I reduce the resolutions, that will defeat the purpose of getting such monitor.

I guess the problem is one has to try several monitors to decide. Taking large and heavy displays back and forth between stores and Home is not fun.
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