What a new keyboard wont do with an eMac:


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Nov 30, 2009
I damaged my (10.3.9) eMac's keyboard beyond repair, and needed something immediately.(Why I'm still 10.3.9 is another subject, but it must stay as such.) Apple only had the new boards, which -will- work with 10.3, except for the top row of keys. My emergency didn't require those keys, but now I realize that the volume keys are 'up there'. I can order a new 10.3 board, but in the meantime, can I manipulate volume in some work-around way? On the board or bypassing it, either way is fine. The volumes on the eMac equalizer and the various sources are all the way up, yet I'm getting almost nothing. Help!


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Oct 25, 2007
If the "output volume" is turned up all the way in System Preferences -> Sound, then there something other than the keyboard is awry. If this fixes it, just check the box in System Preferences to Show volume in menu bar while you're waiting for your new keyboard.

Hold on to your Apple Store receipt, and hope that the new keyboard arrives within Apple's 14-day return policy!
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