what are apple doing ??

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    Just a genuine reasoned question, from all the suing and issues they will create, in terms of bad pr, negative reaction from the general public, share prices and sales , have they lost the plot ?

    Now I am just reading internet links, but they seem to be suing a shed load of people, for seemingly tenuous or spurious reasons , and that will just come back and bite them on the arse !!!!

    Any sensible reasoning behind this ? I genuinely cant find any !

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    Keep in mind, 99% of Apple's customers don't read tech blogs, and therefore don't know about the IP lawsuits. And if something is noted on the mainstream news there are no details reported on in any case.

    Therefore, there is no bad PR as far as the buying public is concerned... and no negative reaction.

    Please note, that I am not condemning or promoting Apple's lawsuits themselves. I do not know enough about the field to have any meaningful opinion, and so I won't share it.

    However, I do know enough about marketing to have an opinion on whether the lawsuits are harming Apple's prospects, and in my opinion.... the vast bulk of people don't have an opinion at all on them. Therefore, no bad PR.
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    I think the "shed load of people" that you are referring to is much smaller than you think. Apple has initiated lawsuits against Samsung and HTC since the iPhone was launched. They recently settled with HTC. They also countersued Nokia (settled) and Motorola.

    They have been sued many, many more times than this.

    The perception that they are sue happy comes from the intense media coverage of Apple and the number of venues that these lawsuits are being fought in.


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