what are iDisk's music, photo, movie folders for?

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    I've used iDisk here and there, and have had a few issues with it though it's worked by and large. I basically only use the document folder.

    I was just wondering why it has folders for music, photo etc, just like the home directory on a Mac (I haven't used it recently.. hope I'm remembering right!). It can't be used as a home directory right?
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    No, it cannot be your home directory. However, maybe someone would want to store music, photos, and movies on their iDisk...
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    So back to... why the layout?
    It looks like the photos that I publish are placed into the iDisk photo folder. But what about music or movies?

    Also there's info stored in the Application Data folder.
  4. paulsalter macrumors 68000


    Aug 10, 2008
    Hope I get all this right

    Backup - This is used by the backup programme
    Documents - For you to place files
    Groups - Groups from the .Mac days
    Library - I beleive this is used by backup also, stores system settings
    Movies - Free to use for files
    Pictures - Used by iPhoto when uploading files
    Public - A general area which you can share with others
    Sites - Used for non iWeb webpages
    Software - Apps that Apple provide for .Me subscribers (only seems to be backup)
    Web - Used by iWeb

    Backup, Groups, Library, Software & Web are not to be modified manually
    Documents, Movies, Music, Public you can store what you want
    Pictures I beleive you can store what yo want (but is for iPhoto, uploading from iPhone etc)
    Sites is used by RapidWeaver/Freeway
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