What are my options at this point?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by misterkofa, Nov 1, 2012.

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    So about 45 days ago, I purchased a brand new 15" Macbook Pro online at apple.com. I selected the hi res screen and faster (7200 rpm) harddrive. For my work, the faster the harddrive, the better. Who would know that shortly after it would be the cause of so much headache.

    About 2 weeks ago, I noticed some dead pixels on my screen. I took it in to the genius bar and they said they would replace it. They ordered a new screen and I dropped it off on Sunday the 28th. The next day, they called to tell me it was ready for pick up. But when I got the computer back, it would not boot up. It was stuck on a gray screen with a white status bar that would go all the way till the end, then reset the machine. It repeated this cycle for about 35 minutes. A genius came over and told me it looked like the harddrive had crashed. How did that happen, I asked? All you guys did was replace the screen. And when I dropped it off it was working perfectly.

    They ordered the new harddrive but it's been 4 days. I left my machine there for one because the damn thing wont boot and also so it can be fixed immediately after the harddrive arrived. After speaking with several people at Apple Care, there is no solution being offered to me or as to when I will get my computer back. This is ridiculous that a company of this size cannot get this part within a reasonable time. Or even why they don;t carry this part in store in the first place. I'm really at my wits end with this situation and have lost my faith in apple.

    So at this point, what are my options? What can I do? Am I just stuck until this harddrive arrives? Who can I contact to get results?
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    Go back to the store... ask to talk to a manager. Basically ask them to swap a new machine for this one, because at this point you have no confidence in this machine. Be polite, be firm, tell them your Apple experience is being tainted by this incident. Acknowledge that you know that sometimes an otherwise excellent product can have the rare serious problem, and that it is just bad luck that you got a seriously flawed product.

    Most managers want to keep their customers happy.

    At that point, if you still don't get a new machine, tell them (don't threaten) that your next steps are to investigate the Lemon Laws for your jurisdiction, and to approach the local media consumer watchdog reporter.

    Most managers also want to avoid bad publicity.

    Keep really good notes of all the dates and times you've tried to resolved this, and what was said.

    If that doesn't work you will need to write a really good letter to the regional manager with a copy going to Apple HQ, including a timeline of what you have done to resolve the issue.

    If that doesn't work, you forward the letters to the local consumer watchdog show. They love well documented cases...
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    Take solace in the fact that if you had an HP, you would be shipping it to asia for 3 weeks with a 50/50 shot of the problem being fixed at all.
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    I actually got my laptop back today but I am weary it may have another problem soon. I"m good for now. Thanks for your input.
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    your options are to no longer take it to that store.... And no longer by AppleCare.
    Also send an email to Timcook, it will get read by someone higher up and let them know your dissatisfaction.

    Over the summer I took an iMac in due to an issue, I got it back with a scratched display and they said I brought it in like that... They finally agreed to fix it, but then they caused other issues like wifi not working, fans going nuts, and other things. It took about a total of 10 trips back and forth frm the apple store for them to finally fix the computer. At one point the manager refused to fix my computer even though I had bought extended apple care.

    They had my computer for a total of 2months, and still couldn't fix it. after numerous calls to apple, and an apple to Tim cook which got transferred by seem other VP I finally had a replacement iMac.

    Apples service has gone real down hill. If your not going in the apple store for an iOS device, then you will not get the same quality service you may have had in the past.

    I personally will never buy AppleCare again, and never go to that apple store again.

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