What are people using for encryption nowdays?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by wackymacky, Jun 2, 2010.

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    After having my Mac and my external backup drives X2 stolen, I realised that I really need to think about protecting some of the data on my computer a bit better.

    (I had the mac set up so that you needed the password whey you turned it on, thinking this would protect the data but I realised after a quck google how esey this is to cirmimvent even without the start up disk.)

    I don't think that Filevault is the way to go as I need to to regular backups, preferably incremental, and there sevral hunderad files (documents) hat I want in my home folder that don't need encryption and only perhaps 100 that do, so encrypting a sparsebundle of my entire home folder every backup seems a pain in the ar**.

    Is just using disk utility to create a small disk image that is encrypted the way to go or is there a better 3rd party option that people wouild recommemnd.
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    As a note, you can use FileVault and do incremental downloads in an encrypted fashion. I do so myself. You're probably right that FileVault isn't for you if it's only some documents you need to protect. If you're solely on Mac, the encrypted disk image is a good solution. If you need cross-platform compatibility, then I recommend TrueCrypt. It can encrypt entire drives (except the Mac system drive) and can create standalone encryption volumes similar to a disk image file.

    My own setup involves FileVault, TrueCrypt, and Rsync. I also use KeePassX for password management.

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