What are Podcasts?


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Mar 7, 2012
Sorry I've been hearing Podcasts a lot recently and just curious to know what it is. Did some research but still confused. Is it a "radio"?

Just a few questions:
Is it free?
Could I listen to Podcasts from iTunes?
Could I listen to Podcasts from iPod Touch?
And do I have to have Wifi to listen to Podcasts from iPod Touch?


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Apr 2, 2011
New Jersey
There's an entire section devoted to podcasts in the iTunes store. You can find podcasts on almost any subject.

Basically a podcast is a recorded talk show though there are podcasts that include music.

You can find podcasts on technology, medicine, spirituality and almost anything else you can think of.

Podcasts are downloaded to your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone). You only need wifi to download, once downloaded you don't need a connection.

When you find a podcast you're interested in you'll be able to subscribe to it so that any time there's a new one published it will automatically download to your device.

Like I said before, check out the podcasts section in iTunes store. You'll see what I'm talking about once you start surfing through the different podcast pages.

Hope that helps.


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Aug 5, 2005
Manchester UK
If you have ever used RSS to get the news then it's going to be familiar. It's basically the same, but instead of text you get an mp3. It's a good way to subscribe to series of "radio" shows.


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Mar 15, 2007
Denton, TX
I discovered podcasting in 2005 and by 2008 had completely phased out over-the-air radio. I listen to FAR fewer commercials, listen on my schedule and listen to exactly what I want to regardless of my physical location. Even better is the lack of extreme audio compression, so it isn't fatiguing to listen to 8-14 hours of media a day.


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Jan 4, 2002
When the pod people suck the life out of your brain and broadcast brain washing messages.