What are the avg 3G speed in DC, MD &VA?

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Hello there, first time post here.

    I have an iPhone 3G 16GB 3 weeks old and I live in Germantown, MD (about 15 miles north of Wash, DC). 20874, 20876 and 20877 were the area I use my phone the most.

    I was wonder what kind of 3G download speed you guys in the same general location are seeing. I am seeing as low as 43kbps and as high as 1090kbps. In the past 3 weeks I am averaging 173kbps, testing it via Speed Test app from iTune app store. Often I tested 2 times per day, sometime 3 on and off peak. No matter where I go in the area mentioned above, I never have had less than 4 bars of the signal indication. My ping is horrible (screenshot)

    I often get the timeout on the internet, weathers and news sites. Is this normal in this particular area?

    I have no problem with Wi-Fi at all. My phone is stock, no jailbreak or any kind of modification. I have tried to resetting Network, 3G on and off, Airplane mode on and off, 4 times restore in the past 3 weeks. Not sure what else to try. I may stop by ATT store where I purchased the phone and compare the speed with the iPhone in store.

    What should I try next? I have 10 more days to return the phone/swap.

    Thanks for looking.


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    3G coverage in Northern Virgnina is great. I've never ventured up into your area though.

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