what are the best "claw" type folios out there?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ElDogman, Apr 16, 2012.

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    claw type are those types where the iPad is held in place by 4-6 stiff holders like in this picture of the Targus Vuscape
    they also tend to bend and offer various angles in landscape mode.

    however I don't recommend that Targus Vuscape. the early models at least had no working auto magnet on/off function, and it was very difficult to the landscape viewing angles because it was really difficult to remove it from the left holders.. very tight fit.

    however are all the claw type folios are like this?
    so far in regards to whats available:

    Poetic Hardback - case has 4 holders, the left side ones are gone, but uses a magnet instead which solves the problem of detaching it for landscape mode. not so nice to use in book mode? 4/5 by metagamers/psychonaut

    Poetic Strapback - this one doesnt use magnets and has the same type of claw as the Targus, but looks like left ones are easy to remove? seems to have a good book mode

    Macally Slimcase - seems to have the same type of claw as the others, not sure how hard it is to remove the left holders for landscape

    Macally Magnetic Snap on case - no reviews on this one yet but it seems similar to the Poetic hardback, but twice as expensive

    any others?
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    I don't believe any of Maroo's cases are the claw type folio. most of their products are the ones where you bend the front cover backwards and expose the interior to the surface
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    hmm couldn't find the iPad 3 version, but the iPad 2 one is not a claw type folio unfortunately.
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    I have a Maroo folio and I no idea what this means. On the model I have, Moko, inserting the iPad doesn't involve the front cover.

    Click Here for what Maroo uses.
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    Maybe check out the Vuscapes again, I've had different experiences than you mentioned.

    I bought the case immediately upon release, so it is the first rendition if there is indeed any others.
    My magnets always functioned as intended and my left latches never hooked onto my iPad for landscape viewing.
  9. bufffilm, Apr 17, 2012
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    another vote for the marware ceo hybrid. it's similar to the vuescape except it doesn't have the cutout in the back and none of the issues of the Targus. the marware also has a hand-strap which is useful too.

    really good [padded] protection for the glass as well. i dropped my ipad2 face-first onto a display case from about 3ft and it was fine.

    FYI: the ipad3 version had some design issues with the magnet which is/was being corrected.


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