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Sep 24, 2017
I can’t believe my luck of the draw. My 2019 MP7,1 with W-3245 just kicked the can all of a sudden, 150+ days AFTER expiry of AC+.

It started with a super slow Mac OS even after a wipe and completely new install. All of a sudden, it no longer powered on with a bong sound even though the power led is lit and the fans are spinning.

I sent it into the Apple Store and after 2 weeks of troubleshooting (that’s slow…), they tell me the CPU and PSU needs to be replaced, and the estimate is ~SGD$4.6+k (~USD$3.46k).

Has anyone tried to order a replacement PSU from Apple before? This Support article seems to indicate that it’s possible.

As for a replacement W-3245 chip, I guess I’m going to have to source one from China…anyone tried the W-3245M?

The Apple Studio M2 Ultra is tempting, but it ain’t the same as the old (Intel) dame! I also do have my 14” MBP M2 Max…
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