What are the correct settings ?


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Mar 30, 2008
Ok I have some movies and tv shows sync to the apple tv but after I watch them there gone from the Apple Tv, some of these I will watch over and over but I do not want to have to re sync every time so what are the correct settings, thanks...


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Dec 30, 2008
Nottingham, UK
Ok assuming your using the latest itunes then do the following:-

From the Summary tab tick custom sync.
Then from the Films tab make sure Sync Films is ticked, then tick the Automatically include box and set the drop down selection to "all unwatched".
Then in the box below that where all your films are listed put a tick next to each one you want to keep permanently on your ATV.

Now goto the TV Programmes tab.
Make sure Sync TV Programmes is ticked.
Tick Automatically include and set the drop down selection to "all unwatched" and the episodes of drop down to "all programmes"
Now for the series or episodes you want to keep permanently on your ATV select the program from the list at the bottom and then tick each episode or the series number to select all episodes.

Then just hit the apply button.

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