what are the real benefits of clamshell mode

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Sossity, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I have a 2010 macbook pro with snowleopard 10.6.8, & have been using it with an apple cinema monitor, with displays set to mirror mode.

    i read about using clamshell mode, & a concern I have is that when I come to power on my laptop, I will be opeing the lid again to get to the power button.

    is there real benefits to clamshell mode besides saving a little space? do I preserve the laptop monitor with it being turned off while using with an external monitor?

    I ask because of a couple of concerns, one is heat issues with lid closed, the other is lid hinge wear. Will the lid hinge wear out after closing it to activate clamshell mode, & opening it up to power on each day?

    I also read an article saying that one can turn off the laptop monitor with out using clamshell by making the external monitor the primary display, & then dimming the laptop monitor all the way down.

    It is a little tricky using an external monitor with the laptop & turning off the laptop monitor, as opposed to just using both monitors in mirror mode.

    I do want my laptop to last as long as possible, it was expensive, & it would be nice if lasted more than 3-5 years. So is it critical that I use clamshell mode?
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    Not really. The screen is made to last decades; leaving it on and taking a few years off it's life is not going to matter at all. Unless you plan on using it for 30 years.
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    Can you put the laptop in standby and use a KB keypress to wake up the laptop? (sorry, ignorant of mac laptops, here :().

    EDIT: as for the above comment: yeah, since LED doesn't require the high power inverters of old CCFL backlights, the panels really can last much longer, now.

    EDIT2: as for the post below me, thank you! :D
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    Clamshell mode definitely isn't great for cooling. If you test it at the same workload the fans need to run much faster to keep everything cool enough.
    I wouldn't use Clamshell mode for the simple reason of too much noise.

    I think it is for people who just want one screen and use a keyboard and mose and want to put the notebook away. I always feel like giving up two screens for one doesn't really get you anything but some people just prefer that setup.

    You will definitely not preserve anything with Clamshell mode. The worse cooling is more likely to have adverse effects on the lifetime of most components.

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