What are your thoughts on standing desks/stand-up desks?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by east85, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Last night I realized I was kind of tired of sitting. Okay, that's a lie, not even kind of, completely sick of. I sit a lot while working on my computer for roughly 8 hours per day because I work from home. Like, to the point where it just starts getting uncomfortable and I look forward to the end of my day so I can get out and go for a hike or a bike ride. I think it would be cool to have one of the high end standing desks, but I can't afford that at the moment (3K). They transition between standing and sitting and even have some features built in to encourage you to stand for a certain amount of time every so many hours.

    With that said I decided to look into my storage. I have a nice glass table that's designed to have two bar stools around it that sit quite high, so yesterday I moved my old desk and chair into storage and replaced it with this. It's the perfect height for me. I have my LED TV mounted on the wall above the glass desk at eye level (as my main monitor) and it's surprisingly comfortable to use this setup. I kind of wish I did this a long time ago.

    If I really feel the need to lounge I just disconnect my MacBook from the display and I'm set. I have a feeling this is going to help a lot when the weather starts dipping below freezing and there's less to do outside to rebound from all the sitting while working.

    Anyways what are your thoughts on desks designed for users to stand while using?
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    I have been doing it at work for most of the last couple of years. I alternate between mostly standing in the winter months when I'm running less, and a mix between standing and sitting the rest of the year when I'm running a lot of miles. I was able to raise my cubicle desk to a work-able height and have my monitor on an adjustable height arm and my keyboard and mouse on an adjustable tray. My chair adjusts high enough to work with it. About 1/3 of our office workers have transitioned over the last few years. Most end up sitting a good portion of the time after the first few months or so. There are times that I like standing a lot, but I do find that sometimes I work more effectively sitting. It's really nice to have the option though.
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    I have pretty bad sciatica issues in my right leg, which makes sitting for extended periods of time very uncomfortable, and even quite painful. I'd actually like to know more about these kinds of desks, as I'd love to use my eMac more often but am unable to because of this issue.
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    Look at the bottom of this thread for several old threads on this subject.
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    Good luck with it.

    For myself, when writing, thinking, or reading, I want to sit, and always have. It may be age, or character, or personal disposition. Likewise, it may be that those who are fit and active - and have always been fit ad active - find it hard to be anything other than that.

    Personally, it is not something I would ever contemplate. But, each to their own.

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