What calendar do you prefer? Google or MM?

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    Feb 22, 2010
    There are a lot of threads on the web (and on this forum) that discuss the pros and cons of MobileMe vs Google. The problem is that none of them are particularly current, and I haven't really seen any that compare the calendars between the two services.

    I'd like to switch over to MM so the colour of each calendar lines up with my iPhone and iPad, but there are some things that I'm not so jazzed about.

    1) Can't view calendar subscriptions on the website.
    2) Can't setup email alerts unless using iCal
    3) I have a few friends with shared calendars in Google - seems easier to have all cals in one spot.

    Anything else I'm missing that could sway me in either direction? What are the pros and cons of each in your experiences?
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    May 6, 2004
    Good questions

    Last time I tried, I could set up both calendars in iCal.

    I was testing with a friend that wanted to use the gcal or whatever they call it with multiple people on Macs and PCs.

    I use MobileMe since when it was free in Jan 2000. So I've always used it to keep the same email and have had very little spam over the years...

    Anyway, I set up my own gcal on their website and in iCal. When testing, I subscribe or shared my friends calendar in the gcal website and his shared events showed up fine in my iCal.

    I think the whole calendar thing could be a lot easier if google,apple, and Microsoft all worked together.

    Don't even get me started on address books

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