What can I do with an iPod/iPad?

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    Hi All, Great Grandfather Tyme here, i understand that iphone means it is a phone so i can cll people, so what can i do with an iPod/Pad ? do i need a subscription for it to work ? or is a super special encyclopedia similar to the pocket "Webster's Electronic Dictionary" of years gone by ?

    help an old phart like me out here folks, i had to give up my old crank fone a few months back because Maggie our fone operator couldn't plug in them cords fast enough, so they put in a whole new system down here in Beetle Belch Holler, they retired Maggie, she went out a kickin an a screamin sayin, "i only got 2 more years till my 75th anniversary" !!
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    You've been a member here since 2009 and you're asking that question????

    The Lord helps those who help themselves, so here's your starting point: http://www.apple.com/ipad/
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    If you are smart enough to register for an account here and figure out how to post, you are smart enough to figure this out.

    Happy trails to you, friend.
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    both are user friendly and you should have no problems checking emails and surfing the web and playing all the games and apps available. good luck

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