What can I do with Procreate besides draw?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by ssledoux, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Is there anything you can do with Procreate besides draw? I know that’s likely a dumb question (and don’t need anyone to tell me it is), but I am curious if there’s more to it than that.

    I just see it pop up a lot in my digital journaling chats, and was curious.

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    Well I use it mainly to.. draw. It's very good at that. There's layers, tons of brushes with customization and some other nice tools. You create a canvas of a size of your liking and that's it.

    I have no idea what other uses people could have, but if you have a specific wish for it, it might help to share that. Using it for writing seems more something for a note-taking app right? Writing by hand on an iPad for large amounts of text doesn't seem comfortable to me, it doesn't look great when I do it anyway.
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    Down south
    No particular wish. I was just curious because I read a lot about it, but I’m definitely not an artist. ;-p
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    You can use it to ‘touch-up’ photos. Simply import a photo then using the layers you can alter the photo to your hearts content. Use the warp tools for fun or apply a bit of motion blur for speed.
    You could even increase the size of the drawing area and import a second or third photo, twist/turn/etc and make a collage.
    Or simply sharpen the image or alter the colour of something on the photo.
    When you’re done add text and then print. I did a family collection of photos:- 3ft long by 1ft high. From left to right it tells a photographic story. It now hangs in my hallway entrance.
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    I’ve created some fun photo manipulations with it. And now that it has text layer capabilities, you can do even more.

    For the price, I think it’s worth trying out.

    This sample took under a minute to slap together.

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