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Jun 10, 2015
Hi, I'm new here. I want to know what I can do with an old Airport A1264 router, and the old 1999 Airport Graphite. I'll start off with the A1264. Question 1: Can I use the A1264 as a primary router, and to hook up a webcam to it to make a wireless makeshift CCTV. Question 2: Can I use the A1264 in a car, and does it support its own wifi, like a hotspot, where you can have free wifi (I guess). Question 3: What other fun things can I do with the A1264 for "testing" purposes. I'm 12, turning 13, by the way. I want to something interesting with routers and my iPhone 6. Apple products are great from what I've read. And about the Airport Graphite: Question 1: Can I still use it for wifi on the iPhone, and in a hotel, or in a car if I plug it in to the car battery? Is the Graphite outdated, like the iPad first generation? Question 2: What can I do with the Graphite or A1264 with a raspberry pi a+? Question 3: What "fun" things can I do with these two routers for experimenting? Thanks!
Airport Graphite


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Apr 25, 2012
I agree with @wrinkster22 You can hook up the router in your vehicle and broadcast a WiFi network if you can get power to the router. Getting an INTERNET CONNECTION is a whole other story. Based on the age of that Airport Graphite unit, you'll get 802.11b speeds at best, not really worth the effort.


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Dec 18, 2012
There are certainly some projects you could do with those, but understand that the speeds are going to be quite slow. You're also missing one important thing -- a wifi router does not magically create internet access. If you put this thing in a hotel room or a car, you'll have a wifi network that doesn't connect to the outside world. You need something to link it to -- like cable internet, DSL, FiOS, a 4G cellular receiver, something like that.


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Jan 5, 2006
Redondo Beach, California
The white square 1264 (aka "airport express") is very useful. it has a combo optical/line level audio port on it. Connect it to a stereo and the use "airplay" to send sound from an iPhone, iPad or Mac to the stereo. Connect the old "space ship" roter to the computer and make a special purpose network just for the stereo. So it don't slow down the other WiFi connections. The "express" will also support a remote printer on the USB port.
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