what can play MKV/m2ts & use airplay?

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    i have a mac air & mountain lion..i could use the airplay feature of that by playing these MKV's etc in VLC, but that means leaving my macbook 'open' to do that..maybe i'm abit OCD but i don't like it when the fans start getting noisy & the mac starts getting hot.

    So..using my iPhone & file browser, i have music/movies stored on my local wifi. I can play them & send to ATV that way but the iphone won't play MKV's...or filebrowser doesn't support it, but i could use another app to play it on my iPhone..if there is one?..that also supports airplay?
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    I believe that the majority of the third-party video playback apps have incorporated AirPlay support. I primarily do this from my iPad when traveling (I bring the AppleTV and my Airport Express along on business trips), but the iPhone apps do it too. Several of them have the ability to pull up network drives and play video from them. It's Playing (http://appshopper.com/photography/its-playing) is one I know can pull up files from network shares, and I believe GoodPlayer (http://appshopper.com/entertainment/goodplayer- what I primarily use when playing stuff on the iPad) can do the same. Your share will still obviously need to be active (i.e., if you have the files on you MB and it is in sleep mode it won't work), but otherwise they should work.

    It's worth noting though that depending on the encoding, your phone may not be able to play the files back properly- at least with MKVs, the new '10-bit' encoding does not yet that I've seen have a decoder that works fast enough on even a New iPad or 4S to play back a 720p or larger file. Older non-10-bit files though newer iPhones and iPads should do fairly well with.

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