iPad What can the new iPad do that the older can't?


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Jun 24, 2013
With the iPhones, each cycle has some pretty significant differences other just speed. I feel like anything they introduce on the iPad will have been done before. Fingerprint scanner? "Better" camera (it's not as good as the one of the 6.) I mean what else will they approve on besides TouchID, better camera, and faster? I think it just doesn't give that much of a reason to upgrade over previous models, unlike the iPhone.

Unless maybe I missed something with the leaks? lol.

This isn't meant to be a negative thread, I'm just curious at to what everyone else thinks!


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May 3, 2009
Probably nothing. I think Touch ID is the only feature that allows you to do something with the new soon to be officially announced iPads that you can't do with the older ones.

Apple is about small improvements so that means what you have will do what the newer ones can.


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Jul 20, 2014
I think there will be lots more than people expect. I'm expecting.

- Apple Pay
- Retina HD Screen (pretty big leap)
- Split Screen Multi-tasking
- I think the camera will be as good as 5s.

I don't think this is a small upgrade.


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Jun 15, 2009
I'll likely upgrade. If there really is split screen multitasking, I'll definitely upgrade.


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Sep 8, 2014
It really boils down to this: if you do not use your iPad allot, you will not value any changes no matter how good they are because you simply don't need them.

1.) Renting HD - A better quality screen makes a huge diffence to everything, makes you feel closer to all your content and makes your content feel more real!!
2.) split screen Multi-tasking is fantastic, imagine running a game in real time while you check your mail or watch something interesting on youtube. Think of the productive possibilities.
3.) 2 Gigs of Ram - being able to run and move between multiple programs faster and more effortlessly.
4.) Apple Pay - think of business potential or doing something on the go at a coffee shop fantastic!
5.) possibly 256G of storage - think of the possibilities.
6.) Touch ID - you say Touch ID like its nothing, it's a massive tech upgrade, being able to pay for something with simply just the touch of just a finger, the features and possibilities are brilliant.
7.) better front and rear camera - again you say this like its nothing, your iPad can do incredible things with the camera, annotating pictures, design, scanners, business notes all benifit tremendously from the camera, think of skype and face time!
8.) Faster processer - everything happens more instintaineously, who wouldn't want that!!! or who wouldn't say wow that's really nice! Just knowing that there is an iPad Air 2 that does what I do but much faster would make be slightly jealous.
9.) Thiner & Lighter - it keeps feeling more like there is nothing in your hand, just less of a physical barrier to information and productivity.
10.) better battery - travel, work or leisure do everything you want with less interruptions or worry about Batery charges, that's pretty big.


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Jun 27, 2007
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I think the "It's been way too long" primarily refers to the lack of split-screen multitasking. I think the iPad Air 2 will get this. Although it could also refer to the iMac going Retina or the App Store for the Apple TV.