What can you do to save ink when printing scanned pages?

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    When you scan small books, it is surrounded by blackness. And if I print that, a lot of ink is wasted. Is there an option where the black parts except for the text of the book is not printed?
    Nevermind, I realized that I can use the crop function.
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    For the next person, since you seem to have solved your problem.....

    When you place the 1st page down - push the book all the way into the corner. Most scanners have an arrow to indicate the preferred corner. Preview the page, and then draw a rectangle around the text, plus a little bit. Different SW packages will do let you do this in different ways.


    Most SW packages will default to the same scanning rectangle for the next page. As long as you push the book into the corner again, the rectangle will line up and you will get a black-less page scan. You may need to rotate alternate pages 180º.


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