What comes with a new Power Mac?

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    Apr 30, 2005
    [Note: I'm a PC user who's never used a Mac, except for the times I have played a little in stores]

    This is my first question on MR - bear with me if it sounds too "newbie"ish. :) There are more on the way! :eek: This question is common to all Macs, but since I'm looking at buying a Power Mac I mention it by name.

    What comes with a new Power Mac (if I were to buy one now)?
    1. From what I've read in the past year and more, it should come with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and iLife. Would it be iLife '04? or '05?
    2. For the OS, iLife and say additional "pre-installed" application packages (Like Final Cut Express), would I get the installation CD/DVD media as well? Or would it be a crappy "Recovery CD" kinda thing that's common in the Windows world?
    3. Would there be anything installed on the system for which I would not get an installation medium (which means that I'd lose that app if for some reason the HDD goes for a toss and I'm forced to re-install the OS)?

    One primary assumption here is that this is bought from an Apple store. But I would also like to know if other stores have different policies.

    Thanks for your time! :)
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    Mar 15, 2005
    1. It comes with iLife 05 preinstalled.
    2. The apps that come with the system can be (re)installed seperately, thats what I did when I fresh installed Tiger on my system is to pop in the restore cd and just choose the installer for iLife 05 off it and installed the apps.
    3. Not really anything thats on the recover cd will be on the system, stuff like stuffit expander (something similar to winzip) wont be how ever it seem like that stuff is bundled with the original OS.

    Hope this helps.

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