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    I say this as someone who has always paid a premium price for premium products. I don't often have time to wait for a sale and usually get what I need when I need it which is often not during a sale.

    Having owned almost every iPhone and a good number of Macs I say this with a lot of appreciation of how Apple changed the compromised computer landscape where you had shoddy exterior but great interiors or the other way round. That is you built a great PC with good parts but without the extra effort/know-how to design the set-up aesthetically or you bought a Sony/HP/Dell with at least somewhat designed exteriors and a rip-off for components.

    I think the iPhone did change the mobile phone landscape. I wondered back then how the iPod touch would do as a phone and how the lack of a physical keyboard (remember everyone was copying Blackberry at this point).

    Anyways, long story short, the choice of Apple is becoming less and less clear-cut as it was between 2007-2013. One thing that would help would be if it didn't try to gouge the customers and simply went for more customers.

    Having to pay $80 for a cable, $220 for a keyboard, and $50 for a converter (in Australia) is not unheard of but Apple used to be different. The iPod 4th gen had everything in the box. I switched to a black macbook after years of custom rigging.

    After the iPhone 6S plus despite my apps and currently all Apple ecosystem, I am considering what the competitors have next. I've always been dismissive about their workmanship, warranty, and etc since IBM sold Thinkpad but Lenovo seem not to have compromised the quality. Apple support is probably still the best but the price-gouging to fix a simple issue with my sisters 2010 macbook pro was yet another disappointment.

    I do think Apple have to keep climbing with regards to their revenue and stock price but that always hits a natural ceiling as shown recently by those two metrics. That is the nature of the beast. But outside of corporate Americana, a good company has always been one with a loyal and large customer base. Keeping Apple fanboys loyal may not be an issue but keeping discerning customers who were tired of rubbish iRiver and Creative mp3 players and bought into the Apple ecosystem with the iPod will be tough.

    I wanted to give the iPad Pro a go but it felt like I had been ripped off before with iPad 3 or new iPad as they insisted on curiously. What the original iPad was supposed to be - the current Pro - but they just sold beta products till now. Most of us invested in a 3rd party keyboard and stylus even if a good number would say they were happy with the iPads at the time, it was an incomplete product back then. The iPod did all it needed to. The intel Macbooks too. The iPhone too. The watch and iPad still feel incomplete.

    I have not bought a Samsung product even when their flip phones were considered the best, their UI always seemed to be designed by a child and it always felt clunky in terms of software. The hardware designs weren't great until I started confusing their products with iPhones, through their own innovation I am sure. So I don't think Apple are even now behind anyone in any particular product category but they have let their lead slip dramatically.

    Whether it is Jobs or a limit to what current technology is capable of or if the competitors have gotten so much better they have made the Apple lead all but disappear amongst discerning customers.

    Apple needs a new iPod or iPhone sure but a revolutionary product doesn't come all that often. In the meanwhile Apple has the cash reserves to ensure we have accessories included, warranty that is affordable, replacement costs, and ensuring their current customer base is well looked after.

    I would consider the new Macbook if they had all the accessories. Why not include a pen and keyboard to an iPad that costs $1700. Even if you don't include the Pencil, don't charge $165 for it. I felt people should pay the Apple premium for a long time but seeing Apple price gouge for every little accessory is absurd.

    The 3rd party companies sell for much less without the Apple economies of scale. Surely Apple could sell their accessories even at cost price if not include them without a large dent to their profits and if you consider that might then stem the loss in iPad sales.

    At the very least Apple should not be giving customers that cognitive dissonance when I add up and an iPad Pro with pencil and keyboard costs about the same as a Macbook, yet another incomplete product that requires the dongle and it becomes hard to figure out which works better. They used to make it easy, the iPod was a clear choice, the macbook was a clear choice, and the iPhone was a clear choice. Now it isn't so clear Apple.
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    Lol. What.
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    Awesome rant, my friend. No real clue what you were rambling about. It would have been an awesome read, if it had been mildly coherent. o_O
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    You cannot compare a stylus, keyboard, adapters, etc to a charging cable and headphones. And the reason why they don't stick them all in the box is because a majority of it will just end up sitting in the box or end up on eBay. Loads of people never use the extension cords that come with the MacBook Pros and most probably never used the VGA adapters that used to come with them in the beginning. The earphones are never a waste, and even if you have a cable already, you'll enjoy having the spare.
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    suggestion: apply to apple's team that writes out EULA, product warranties, etc. for a job.
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    So, what's the TL;DR version?

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