What computer fits my needs ?

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Hello I am new here on mac rumors forums. I am wondering which computer would fit my needs I am a high school student who does some video and photo editing and maybe app development. I am wondering which computer would fit my needs it can be new or old just need some suggestions thanks :)
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    Almost any Mac you could buy, including a used but fairly recent model, would serve the purposes you describe. If you are on a tight budget, shop by price and screen size. Consider the refurbished Macs Apple sells.

    You didn't mention if the computer needs to be portable. If so you're talking about the MacBook line. If not you can consider an iMac or Mac mini as well.

    It's unfortunate that Apple offers education discounts to college students but not to high school students, although if you have been accepted to a college then you are eligible. If you are buying a new computer heed the Buyer's Guide advice. If you are buying a used or refurbished computer you can ignore the Buyer's Guide. If you can find a Mac to buy from someone else at your school or from a neighbor, that may be the best option of all.
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    Thank you for helping me decide what to do I will take your advice :)

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