What diagnostic software tools are used in order to test the system?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by b-pole, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Dear fellows,

    this is my first thread here. Hello to everybody.:)

    What diagnostic software tools are used in order to test the hardware?

    I want to test my battery and my power supply of my new MacBook Pro.

    My Retailer told me he has to wait for a software update from Apple in order to test it.

    What software does he use?

    It is true that the software is not available for end users like me?


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    Well, I myself would like to know what diagnostic software Apple uses. I found your thread when looking for that info, so while I'm here:

    To get information about your battery, click the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner and select About this Mac. Then in the window that pops up click the button that says "More info . . ."

    This brings you to the System Profiler. Under the Contents section on the left of the window, select Power, which is under the Hardware heading. You can see how many times the battery has been cycled and its condition. An application like iStat Pro will give you a health percentage, as well.

    The Mac does also have a built-in hardware test, but I'm not sure that it tests anything related to power. You access the test by holding the T key while starting up your Mac. You have to hold it for a long while in my experience, and start holding it before the computer boots.

    Your retailer may have some different diagnostic software Apple provides, but having to wait for an update to deal with a power issue sounds fishy to me. If you're in the US, you could take it to an Apple store.

    What issue are you having, by the way?

    Oh, and welcome, although I don't think I'm a stalwart around here, so it's a bit like welcoming a person to a Starbucks I frequent.
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    Wait, what? Holding the T key initiates Target Disk Mode. If you insert your original OS disk, then you can hold the D key to launch the Apple Hardware Test, but you'll never get anywhere with the T key.


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