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    Hello all, I own a early 2008 MBP and lately I have an itch to get a new toy even after upgrading to a 256GB SSD and 4GB ram. And since the battery last about 30 minutes to 1 hour? Don't trust me on those estimates since I never really timed it and recorded it down. I just know that the battery cycle is at 430+. A new battery would cost me $130 +tax from the Apple Store. Just really an excuse for me to purchase a new laptop.

    So I have been researching about which laptop I should purchase. I want to be able to purchase one to kind of future proof myself and use it for about the same time that I had own the 2008 model.

    My usages are basically Web browsing, some streaming, office work. I guess this would be categorized as light work. I do all the heavy duty things on my desktop, such as downloading, playing steam games.

    I read other threads and it seems like there is a vast majority of people who stick to the MBA, or the CMBP or the RMBP. After reading all of these, it makes me undecided on what to do.

    I was bidding on eBay and won a MBA 13.3 inch model with 8GB ram and 256GB. The price seems too good to be true so I asked for a photo. The seller is unwilling to provide me with the serial number.. So I want some help identifying what did I just purchased. Or some opinions about which model I should have my eyes on. I can't decide!!!

    And sorry about posting another one of those threads where people ask which model to buy. I know people are tired of that.

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    If that's the i5 with 8gb and 256, that's my dream 2013 mba right there. If you don't need the extra processing power, the extra battery life on i5 seems awesome.

    But since my need isn't urgent I'm waiting to see what's coming because my dream computer would have battery life and heft of the mba (or lighter!) and a retina screen. My 2010 c2d mba is chugging along fine...

    If it comes with ebay buyer protection and the seller has a good rating, I wouldn't worry, go for it, you'll love it!
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    If that sticker is for the actual machine, you purchased a 2013 Macbook Air with a 1.3Ghz i5 with 8GB of ram and a 256GB SSD.
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    Thank you all for your responses, I asked again for the serial #, and was given another screenshot showing that the applecare ends june 2014. The other photo is what I expected the sticker to look like hence the creation of this thread. Once again thank you for your help, I will have to wait to see what I brought when the package comes next Thursday.

    I hope I brought this machine with the specs that you mentioned. But I can't seem to shake the idea in my head if I should have brought the MD212LL/A model instead..

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