What did my kid do???

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    My kid did something to her iPad, and I have no idea what or how to fix it... She somehow managed to make it so that none of the apps have sound. Sound is enabled in settings, sound is on, and sound is enabled in the apps themselves, and there is sound if you watch YouTube or adjust the sound in the settings. There simply just is no sound in any of her apps and games. I am baffled. Tried turning the iPad on and off, did not help.

    What did she do??

    Edit: Pull up bar, the no sound icon was enabled. It is beyond ridiculous that this was not somehow indicated in the sound settings itself.
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    Check in her settings. I think it's under music, there's a volume limit setting. Might have moved to restrictions.

    If it's rolled down to zero or near it could be limiting sounds to a level you can't hear.

    If you updated it to iOS 7 it could be that the apps haven't been updated and loss of sound is an after effect.

    It's also possible she did nothing and something corrupted the software. Try doing a backup and restoring/erasing it.
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    I was having a similar problem with my iPhone. Check an app that has audio airplay (ie. the iPod app). Click on the Airplay icon, and if iPad is checked (in my case it had no listing for iPad, and instead Dock was selected). If Dock is selected (and iPad is not in the list) then there's the problem. Your iPad thinks its 'docked' so audio is cut off from the speakers. Don't worry, not all is lost...

    I'm sure you probably already tried a hard reboot. So one thing to try (it worked for me... albeit only for a short time) is to plug headphones in, play some audio through them, then unplug. What did the final trick (and I don't know why) is docking into my desktop and doing a manual backup in iTunes. Go figure, I only did this incase I had to return my iPhone to the Apple Store. Lo and behold, when I was done and disconnected, my iPhone was working fine, and still is (knock on wood).

    There you go. A rather lengthy story (sorry) about what happened to, that may be happening to you. I hope this may help you and your child.


    Edit: Well that was a waste of time... Next time I'll read the 'edit'. ;-)

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